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Constructing angles review

Review constructing angles with a protractor, then try constructing some of your own.

Constructing angles

We can use a protractor to help us construct an angle of a given amount of degrees.
Construct a 65 angle.
To make a 65 angle, we move the middle dot of the protractor to the vertex (where the 2 rays connect) of the angle.
Next, we line up one of the rays on the 0 line of the protractor.
We then move the other ray around until it is lined up with the 65 measurement on the protractor.
The angle will look like this when the measurement is 65. Note: The angle can be rotated in any direction, but the angle between the two rays must look like this.
Want to learn more about constructing angles? Check out this video.


Problem 1
Construct a 40 angle.

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