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Adding multi-digit numbers: 48,029+233,930

Add 48,029+233,930 using the standard algorithm.

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Video transcript

- [Instructor] What we're going to do in this video is add 48,029 to 233,930. And like always, pause this video, and I really encourage you to try to figure it out on your own, and let's see if we get the same answer. And if we don't, why? Alright, so the way I'm going to tackle this, I assume that you've had a go at it, I'm going to take the larger number. I'm going to write it on top. I'm really doing the standard method. There's multiple ways where you can add multi-digit numbers, but what I'm going to do is really the most typical method. And then I'm going to write the smaller number below it, but I'm going to match up the place value. So I'm going to write the ones place in the same column as the ones place on the top number. So this is the 10,000s place, so 48,029. So nine ones is zero ones, two tens, three tens, so on and so forth. And now I am ready to add. So let's start in the ones place. And if I'm adding numbers, it's always a good idea to start in the ones place. Zero ones plus nine ones is nine ones. Then I can go into the tens place. Three tens plus two tens is five tens. This is going well, alright. Then I go to the hundreds place. Nine hundreds plus zero hundreds, well, that's just going to be nine hundreds. So far, so good. Alright, now something interesting is going to happen in the thousands place. Three thousands plus eight thousands, well, that would be 11 thousands. But we can rewrite 11 thousands as 1000 and one 10000 sometimes you might see this described as carrying the one. Three plus eight is 11 where you carry the one. But all you're really doing is regrouping. 3000 plus 8000 is 11000, we write the 1000 here and we write the 10000 right over there, the 10000 place. And now so we have one 10000 plus three 10000s plus four 10000s so one plus three plus four that's eight 10000s or 80000. And then last but not least we have these two hundred thousands right over there and we're done. 281,959 did you get the same answer?