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Creativity break: Why is creativity important in STEM jobs?

Experts share why creativity plays an important role in STEM jobs. Created by Khan Academy.

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    Isn't math more of a logistic activity than a creative one? I understand that some art requires math etc.. But can someone explain all the things that are creative in math? I mean all. Thanks
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      I will first apply logic to your question. The probability that one person would know all the things that are creative in math and be able to list them in a relatively short space are either 0 or close to 0 since you meam all. Secondly, you present a hypothesis that has two options, if you are close minded, you can use circular reasoning to prove that math is not a creative activity. If someone can come up with a way math is creative, then you can just say that it is either not math or it does not rise to your definition of creativity because math is a logistic activity rather than a creative one. I suspect that you are in fact open minded to at least consider the arguements and accept that the statement might be false.
      Despite the impossibility of answering your question and as a defender of math, I will attempt to give a few examples (not all) of why I feel that math is a very creative activity rather than just a logistic one.
      1) Logic: I feel that my answer itself is a creative attempt based in math using logic. Further, lawyers and others must use logic and words creatively to get a client off or apply for a patent. Employers want people who can present logical but understandable arguments.
      2) Proportions: recipes can require the correct ingredients in the correct proportions (and somemtimes even added at the correct time) to create culinary masterpieces. This lifts some chefs into the cooking shows.
      3) Geometry: in the designing of any number of things such as buildings, gardens, etc. geometry is heavily inwolved with creating something unique for the customer. It also goes back to proportions of getting something from the design/blueprint phase to a final product.
      4) Number Sense: One of the first things I tell students who work with me on number sense is that the process will actually change how the brain thinks and help them become outside the box thinkers. I feel this is again one of the creative assets that could make the difference on who gets a job
      Scientific/Engineering endeavors: I feel the challenge to get to the moon or create a base on Mars or create a phone which can store gigabytes of memory are all creative ways of applying math to everyday challenges
      Algebra: In major projects, you have to creatively determine costs and labor on parts of the project to create timelines and planning so that your company does not do under
      Probability and Statistics: May people have tried to creatively beat the odds in Vegas to varying levels of success/failure. Advertising creatively tries to use math and statistics. if you counted all the different brands of toothpaste whom 4/5 dentists recommend or most dentists prefer, you would find that it would be synergistic, that is the sum of all the parts would be greater than the whole (you might see that of 100% of dentists in a given area, there is a 300 or 400% recommendation rate which is impossible).
      Troubleshooting: some applications of math require people to troubleshoot programs or games which are unique skills for certain jobs
      These are just a few ways that I see the creativeness of math and how it makes a person more desirable of an employee than someone with lesser skills
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    What would happen if we didn't use creativity in math?
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      If you did not use creativity in math, math would never be used for anything. Science is what happens when you combine creativity with math, we wouldn't have most modern forms of art without creativity. Screens wouldn't exist, it was made with basic arithmetic and creativity. We would never try to advance, we would be stuck in the dark ages and never grow. We would all believe that stuff just happens for no reason. There would be no pyramids, there would be no calendars. You and everyone else in the world would have died of Covid if it wasn't for creativity in math. You most likely wouldn't have been born or would have been dead within minutes anyway.
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    What is stem jobs
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    What is stem jobs
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    im doing this at age ten
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    Why isn't math just writing down equations and solving them
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    Who, what, where and when did I ask?
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    what would math be like without creativity?
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Video transcript

(soft upbeat music) - I think my idea of how creativity works in STEM jobs has changed since I've gone to college. I used to think that all the mathematicians would be locked away in some office and typing on the computers or writing down equations by themselves and coming up with incredibly beautiful ideas just by themselves. But I'm realizing now that I'm in college that mathematics and creativity, it's a lot about communication, and it's a lot about trying to build off of each other's ideas and bounce ideas off of each other and build upon ideas that have already been made by people decades ago. And I think that the facts that we all come with it, with our own perspectives, and different ideas and different ways of being creative allows math to advance further, because we can all combine our creative ideas into something bigger. - We collect data on everything, right? And so the ability to use that data in a smart, safe, and efficient way depends on new applications of mathematical concepts to these new and innovative data sets. As we get to that point, we'll start to be thinking outside the box a lot more, and we'll be a much more innovative, digital society, but that can't happen unless we start trying to be creative, and not just rely on tried and true. (soft upbeat music)