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Rounding whole numbers to nearest ten

Sal rounds 1585 to the nearest ten. Created by Sal Khan and Monterey Institute for Technology and Education.

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Video transcript

Round 1,585 to the nearest ten. Let me rewrite the number. 1,585 to the nearest ten. So we want to focus on the tens place. If we were to round it up, we would go to 1,500-- let me color code it. We would round up to 1,590. The 8 would round up to a 9. And 90, if we were to round down, we would go to 1,500, and we would round down to 80. So these are our two choices. Now we've seen the last two examples. If the place to the right of it is 5 or greater, we round up. Well, the place to the right of it is definitely 5 or greater. It is 5, so we round up. So it is 1,590. And we're done!