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Finding the point not graphed

Some of the given ordered pairs are already graphed on the coordinate pane in this example, but not all of them. Can you tell which haven't? Created by Sal Khan.

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Video transcript

Consider the following coordinate pairs. And they give us a bunch right over here. Which of those pairs is not graphed below? So let's see, 3 comma negative 2. So 3 comma negative 2, well, actually, that looks like that first one is not graphed. So 3 comma negative 2 isn't graphed. And you can verify that all of these others do seem to be graphed. 4 comma negative 8 is right there. Negative 8 comma 3 is right over here. 4 comma 6 is right there. And negative 1 comma 0 is right there. So let's do a couple more of these. So is negative 5 comma 0 graphed? Yep. It's right over there. Negative 4 comma positive 5 should be there. So that's not graphed. So let me just select that one. Let's do one more of these. Negative 8 comma 4, so negative 8 comma 4, we got lucky. The first one is not graphed-- negative 8 comma 4. And we're done.