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Represent fraction multiplication with visuals


The number line below represents fraction multiplication.
A number line labeled 0 to three-halves with minor tick marks every one-twelfth unit and major tick marks every one-fourth unit. The major tick marks are labeled from left to right: zero, one-fourth, one-half, three-quarters, one, five-fourths, and three-halves. The number line is shaded from the 0 tick mark to the first tick mark after three-fourths. Above the number line, a fraction bar is divided into 18 equal parts. The first 10 parts are shaded in dark purple. The dark purple parts are between 0 and the first tick mark after three-quarters on the number line. The next 5 parts are shaded in light purple. The light purple parts are between the first tick mark after three-quarters and five-fourths on the number line.
Which expression represents the shaded length of the number line?
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