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Interpreting plotted points

The video explores the concept of interpreting data points on a coordinate plane. It emphasizes understanding the relationship between the x and y axes, in this case, representing hours of exercise and screen time.

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Video transcript

- [Tutor] The graph below shows the relationship between hours of exercise and hours of screen time for a group of five friends on Thursday. So, if we look over here, we can see that here on this horizontal axis, when we're going from the left to right, it says hours of exercise, so half an hour, one hour, one and a half hours, two hours, two and a half hours. And then, here it shows hours of screen time. So, for example, it looks like Liu Yang did zero hours of exercise, did no exercise and spent seven hours in front of a screen. Not something that I would recommend. And it looks like Kavitha spent half an hour, had half an hour of exercise on Thursday. This is all describing what happens on Thursday and had five and a half hours of screen time. You see that right over there, and we could keep going with all the other data points. But let's see what they're asking us. What is the meaning of the point marked Maxime? I think that's how I would pronounce that. So, Maxime is right over here, and it looks like this is the point one, because our horizontal coordinate right over here is one, and then our vertical coordinate is four, so point one comma four. And this one is the hours of exercise. So, Maxime exercises one hour, one hour exercise, and they spend four hours in front of a screen on that Thursday, four hours screen time. Alright, so let's see. Which of these choices say that? Let's see. It is Maxime had one hour of exercise and four hours of screen time. Yep, this looks exactly right. And if you just wanted to check the other ones, Maxime had two hours of exercise and eight hours of screen time. That would put them way up here, and that's not where the point was, so we'd rule that out. Maxime had four hours of exercise and one hour of screen time. Four hours of exercise is not even on this, we'd have to go off the screen, so we'd rule that one out. Maxime had five hours of exercise. Once again, that's not even on the screen here, so we can rule all of them out. This third choice, they're actually trying to confuse you because they're swapping the hours of exercise and the screen time. Maxime has one hour of exercise, four hours of screen time, not four hours of exercise and one hour of screen time.