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we're asked to move the orange dot to negative 0.6 on the number line so the point the dot right now is at 0 and let's see this is negative 2 this is positive 2 so each of these big slashes look like it's 1 so this would be negative 1 negative 2 this right over here would be negative 0.5 so we're going to go a little bit more negative than negative 0.5 that would be negative 0.6 we want to go another tenth and so that looks right at about negative 0.6 let's do a couple more of these move the orange dot to 1.9 on the number line so it seems like we have the same scale as in the previous example this gets us to 1 in fact this is 0.5 11.5 and 1.9 is only going to be 1/10 less than 2 so it's going to be let's see that's - so 1/10 less than that and I'm assuming that it's locking us to the tenths and it looks like it is so that looks pretty close to 1.9 let's do one more of these move the orange dot to 0.5 on the number line well that's once again we have the same scale it's important to always check the scale and this right over here is 1 so 0.5 would be halfway set a little small mark right over there