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Interpreting unequal ratios

Interpret the ratio of pepper to fish in two recipes to decide which tastes spicier. Akeem's recipe uses 19 grams of ground pepper for every four catfish fillets, while Tisha uses 25 grams for six fillets. To compare their pepper taste, we can find a common number of fillets. For 12 fillets, Akeem uses 57 grams of pepper, and Tisha uses 50 grams. Therefore, Akeem's catfish fillets have a stronger pepper taste. Created by Sal Khan.

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Video transcript

- [Instructor] We're told that Akeem's recipe for blackened catfish uses 19 grams of their favorite blend of ground pepper for every four catfish filets. Tisha uses 25 grams of the same blend of ground pepper to cook six catfish filets. Assuming the filets are the same size whose filets have a stronger pepper taste? So pause this video and see if you can work that on your own before we do this together. Alright, now let's do this together. So for Akeem, the ratio of the ground pepper to filets is 19 grams for every four filets. And for Tisha it is 25 grams for every six catfish. So what we wanna do is say, all right who has more grams maybe for given amount of filets? So unfortunately they don't give us the same amount of filets here. We have four filets here and six filets over here. But what if we set up a table where we just try to make each of them make more and more filets and we just see how much of the ground pepper each of them will use. And if we get to a point where they're using the same amount of filets then, and if one of 'em is using more ground pepper then there's going to have a stronger pepper taste. So let's say this is Akeem right over here. Akeem, and this is Tisha, and this is grams of pepper. So pepper in grams, and this is filets. And then this is for Tisha, pepper in grams. And this is filets. So we already know that when if Akeem were to make exactly four filets then their going to use 19 grams. If, let's keep going from there. If we double the amount of filets well we're gonna double the amount of grams we're going to get to 38 grams. If we were to add another four filets to that, so now we're at 12 filets, well what's that going to be to go from four to 12, you multiply by three. Well that means you would take that 19 and multiply by three. Let's see, that would be 30 plus 27. That would be 57. Maybe this is enough. Let's see what we can do for Tisha right over here. So when Tisha makes six filets then she's going to use 25 grams. What if we double it to 12 filets? And this is interesting because we have 12 filets here. Well then we would double the pepper to 50 grams. So we have set up actually a really nice comparison. If Akeem makes 12 filets their going to use 57 grams of pepper. While if Tisha makes the exact same number of filets their going to use only 50 grams of pepper. So for 12 filets, Akeem would clearly use more pepper and therefore would have a stronger pepper taste. So Akeem's filets have the stronger pepper taste.