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Comparing numbers on the number line

Sal uses number line to compare numbers less than or equal to 10. Created by Sal Khan.

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Video transcript

Voiceover:Which numbers are greater than six? Select all that apply. We see six here on the number line, so the numbers that are greater than six are going to be the ones that are to the right of six on the number line. We see that we're increasing beyond six as we go to the right. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Seven is greater than six, eight is greater than six, nine is greater than six, and 10 is greater than six, and we could keep going. 11 is greater than six, and 12, and on and on and on. Which of these are greater than six? Well we see 10 is to the right, is on the right hand side of six, eight is also to the right of six but four is to the left of six. Four is less than six. These are the two numbers that are greater than, the two choices that are greater than six. Which numbers are less than six? Well that's all of these numbers right over here. The numbers to the left of six. Nine is definitely not less than six but four is. Notice four is to the left of six and three is even more to the left of six, so four and three are definitely less than six. When every day life when you're thinking of well if you have four things, or you have three things you have less than someone who has six things. In every day life if you have 10 bananas, you have a greater number of bananas than someone who has six bananas.