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Plotting corners of a rectangle

Sal plots the corners of a rectangle on the first quadrant of a coordinate plane.

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Video transcript

- [Instructor] The four corners of a rectangle are located at the points (11,7), (11,0), (2,0), and (2,7). Plot the four corners of the rectangle on the coordinate plane below, and they have these dots and we can actually move these around for the four corners of our rectangle. So let's look at this first point: (11,7). Where will that go? Well let's just remind ourselves that the first coordinate here, that is our x-coordinate. That tells us how far we move in the x-direction, or how far we move to the right. So our x-coordinate is 11, so we can say, we can start at the origin and move 11 to the right and then our y-coordinate is seven, which says hey we need to move seven up from there. So one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. So notice, 11, that's if you were to just drop a line straight down you would hit the x-axis at 11 and the y-coordinate, if you were to take a horizontal line, if you were to go straight to the left, you get to y equals seven. So this is the point (11,7). Alright let's do the next one. Then you have (11,0). So let's line, lemme take this point right over here. So the x-coordinate is once again 11, but the y-coordinate is zero, which means we don't move up at all in the ... Or we don't move up at all. One way to think about it, start at the origin, you move 11 to the right and you move zero up. So this is going to sit on the x-axis right over there (11,0). Alright then we have (2,0). So x-coordinate is two and we don't move up at all. So we're gonna sit on the x-axis. We move two to the right and zero up, or you can think of it zero up and two to the right. Then we have (2,7). So x-coordinate is two, but then we wanna move ... X-coordinate is two, then we wanna move seven up to get right over there, and so you can see the corners of a rectangle right over here and then they ask us, what is the height of the rectangle? Well let's see. If we're going from y equals zero to y equals seven, so the height is seven. You could even count it, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. So the height of the rectangle is seven. And then of course I can check my answer and I got it right.