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Interpret expected value


A certain basketball player regularly shoots sets of 2 free-throws. The table below displays the probability distribution of X, the number of shots the player makes in a set of 2 attempts.
X, equals, \#, start text, space, o, f, space, s, h, o, t, s, space, m, a, d, e, end text012
P, left parenthesis, X, right parenthesis0, point, 360, point, 480, point, 16
Priya and Hadley, fans of this player, calculate the expected value of X is E, left parenthesis, X, right parenthesis, equals, 0, point, 80.
Priya says, "The probability that this player makes a free-throw is 0, point, 80, on average."
Hadley says, "This player will make 0, point, 80 free-throws in his next set of 2."
Whose statement is correct based on the expected value?
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