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Read picture graphs (multi-step problems)


Olivia counted the number of ladybugs on each plant in her garden, then made the graph below.
A ladybug picture.
A picture graph shows the horizontal axis labeled Kind of plant and the vertical axis labeled Number of ladybugs. Each plant kind is listed along the horizontal axis from the left of the axis to the right of the axis as follows: roses, lettuce, alfalfa, and grape vines. The number of ladybugs for each plant kind is represented by the number of ladybug pictures plotted on the graph. Roses are represented by 7 ladybug pictures, lettuce is represented by 3 ladybug pictures, alfalfa is represented by 5 ladybug pictures, and grape vines are represented by 2 ladybug pictures.
If 10 ladybugs fly from the lettuce to the alfalfa, which 2 kinds of plants will have the same number of ladybugs?
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