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Creating a bar graph

Sal creates a bar chart using data from a survey. Created by Sal Khan.

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Video transcript

20 teachers were asked about their favorite course. 7 teachers said language. 3 teachers said history. 9 teachers said geometry. 1 teacher said chemistry. 0 teachers said physics. Create a bar chart showing everyone's favorite courses. So we've got the bar chart right over here. And let's see what we need to plot. So it said, 0 teachers said physics, which is surprising to me since physics is arguably my favorite course. But let's plot what the data has. So physics-- so right now it looks like it's halfway between 0 and 1, so you actually have to bring the physics down to 0. Let's see, chemistry. Let's see, 1 teacher said chemistry, so we got to bring chemistry up to 1. Now, 9 teachers said geometry. So geometry, let's bring that up to nine. 1 teacher said chemistry. Oh, I already read that. History. History. 3 teachers said history, so let's bring history up to 3. And then language. 7 teachers said language, so let's move this up to 7. And I think if I didn't make any careless mistakes, we should be done. Yep. Very good.