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Khan Academy & NASA introduction

A brief overview of the topics you can explore! Created by NASA.

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Video transcript

Hello, and welcome to mission control. I'm Kim Lichtenberg, and I'm a scientist and engineer who works on NASA's Mars rover mission. My dad, Byron Lichtenberg, is an engineer and a former astronaut who flew on the space shuttle twice. [intercom messages] What links us to space exploration is the same thing that unites the world: curiosity, a quest for knowledge, and a love of learning. Here at NASA, curiosity drives our quest to seek answers to fundamental questions about our universe. Creativity and innovation enable us to make daring leaps forward and exploring new worlds. Learning tutorials make it possible for everyone to share on the adventure of exploration, and to expand our own horizons through lifelong learning. We invite you to follow your own curiosity about space exploration using the tutorials below created in cooperation with NASA and Khan Academy. In "Measuring the Universe," you'll apply math and physics to understand the cosmos and what we've learned about it through human history. And in "Exploring the Universe," you can learn about NASA's missions and discoveries made for humanity. We hope you'll enjoy your journeys on learning about space exploration and be inspired to continue your own quest to understand our whole planet and worlds beyond.