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KX2COX3(aq)+CaClX2(aq)2KCl(aq)+CaCOX3(s)\ce{K2CO3}(aq) + \ce{CaCl2}(aq) \rightarrow \ce{2KCl}(aq) + \ce{CaCO3}(s)
A student conducts an experiment to determine the molarity of a KX2COX3(aq)\ce{K2CO3}(aq) solution of unknown concentration. The student mixes 100, point, start text, m, L, end text of the solution with excess CaClX2(aq)\ce{CaCl2}(aq), causing CaCOX3(s)\ce{CaCO3}(s) to precipitate. The student then filters and dries the precipitate and records the data in the table below. (The molar mass of CaCOX3\ce{CaCO3} is 100, point, start text, g, slash, m, o, l, end text.)
Mass of filter paper0.70 g\pu{0.70 g}
Mass of filter paper + CaCOX3\ce{CaCO3} precipitate1.95 g\pu{1.95 g}
What is the molarity of the KX2COX3(aq)\ce{K2CO3}(aq) solution?
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