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Oxidation–reduction (redox) reactions

AP.Chem: TRA‑2 (EU), TRA‑2.A (LO), TRA‑2.A.2 (EK), TRA‑2.A.3 (EK), TRA‑2.A.4 (EK), TRA‑2.C (LO), TRA‑2.C.1 (EK)


Oxidation:Cu(s)CuX2+(aq)+2eReduction:MnOX4X(aq)+4HX+(aq)+3eMnOX2(s)+2HX2O(l)\begin{aligned} &\text{Oxidation:}\quad \ce{Cu}(s) \rightarrow \ce{Cu^2+}(aq) + 2\,e^- \\[0.75em] &\text{Reduction:}\quad \ce{MnO4-}(aq) + \ce{4H+}(aq) + 3\,e^- \rightarrow \ce{MnO2}(s) + \ce{2H2O}(l) \end{aligned}
When the half-reactions listed above are combined into a balanced chemical equation, the ratio of the coefficients Cu(s):MnOX4X(aq)\ce{Cu}(s):\ce{MnO4-}(aq) is
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