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Connect the SPDT switches

Created by Karl Wendt.

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Video transcript

Okay, so in this video, we’re going to insert the AA batteries into our battery holder. The negative side goes against the spring, and the positive side goes away from it. This is going to allow us to hold our battery holder in place a little better, because it will add some mass to it. And it will also give us the power we need to test our circuits, and eventually run our bot. So because power can now flow, we do want to separate those wires so they don't short out. And now we're going to put a blob of hot glue down in the corner – the same corner as the red and black wires are close to. And the blob should be about half the size of a dime. So we’re going to take our single-pole-double-throw switches, and we’re going to set them at about a 90° angle to one another, so that they’re lined up like so. And we want the contacts at the top of those single-pole-double-throw switches to be touching one another – the contacts that are on the inside there. Now we're ready for the next step.