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Creativity break: what types of science jobs involve creativity?

Hear from biology professionals as they talk about what types of science jobs involve creativity. Created by Khan Academy.

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Video transcript

(upbeat music) - All science careers involve creativity. Think about it. We're asking and answering questions, and we're solving the world's problems. So the more creatively we can solve the world's problems, the more new ideas and concepts and approaches we can use to address the world's problems, the better off we'll be. - Creativity is the guiding force on the path to good science. So there isn't a science job out there that doesn't benefit from creativity. Like you can be an engineer, building more efficient transistors for tinier and tinier phones. You could be a climate scientist, figuring out how we can reduce our carbon footprint and save the world from climate catastrophe, or an agricultural researcher. Reducing efficient ways to feed the planet. Or maybe an entomologist like me. Understanding how relationships between organisms keep us all healthy. Creativity is important in all of these careers. - One really cool job is, is working for a science museum. And so the people who are like the the chief directors or bioscientist, or what have you for science museums usually have a biology or a science background of some kind, maybe you've have gone through even being a PhD or postdoctoral fellow. And their job is to design exhibits for, for visitors to museums and come up with engaging ways to share ideas in science. And so I see that's a really cool job that you might not immediately think of. (upbeat music)