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Review - Parts of human eye & feature

Let's review what we learnt about the parts of the human eye, their features and their functions.

Let's make sure we have committed to memory all the parts of the eye by doing a little recall exercise.
Question 1
[image of eye with ciliary muscles marked]
What part is this?

Question 2
[image of eye with cornea marked]
What part is this?

Question 3
[image of eye with iris marked]
What part is this?

Question 4
[image of eye with retina marked]
What part is this?

Here's a review of the major feature and function of each part.
CorneaTransparent bulge in front of the eye.Refracts incoming light in order to focus it on the retina.
Ciliary musclesonand
This humouronand
That humouron...

Let's get more practice on the above by solving the following exercises:
  • exercise link 1
  • exercise link 2

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