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Gravitational forces

Review your understanding of gravitational forces in this free article aligned to NGSS standards.

Key points:

  • The force of gravity, or gravitational force, pulls objects with mass toward each other.
  • We often think about the force of gravity from Earth. This force is what keeps your body on the ground.
  • But any object with mass exerts a gravitational force on all other objects with mass. For example, there is a gravitational force between you and every object around you!
  • The gravitational force between two objects is larger when the masses of the objects are larger. That’s why you can feel the gravitational force between you and Earth, but the force between you and objects with smaller masses is too weak to feel.
  • The gravitational force between two objects also depends on the distance between their centers. The further objects are from one another, the weaker the force is.

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