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SAT Math Test Strategies Share Space

Our users share their favorite tips for the SAT Math Test!

Welcome, learners!

This space has been created as a forum for sharing your favorite tips and strategies for the SAT Math Test.
This area is for the Math tips, but we have share spaces for the other sections of the SAT, too:
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  • mr pants purple style avatar for user Olivia  **INACTIVE**
    I usually am pretty good with time management, but I am always running out of time on the no calculator section. I'm not a real math whiz, and whenever I don't have a calculator, I freak out. It's like my brain shuts down and won't let me think through even a simple problem if I can't use a calculator. Any tips from people who are better at this than I am will be greatly appreciated!
    (94 votes)
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    • piceratops ultimate style avatar for user Homeskool99
      Olivia -
      I know, right? Math without a calculator? Witchcraft!
      Anyway, I have the same problem. I can do Math better even if the calculator is sitting there, but I'm not using it. It's like back-up, or a security blanket. "It's there if I need it, even if technically I can't USE it..." Lol. To help with your (our!) problem, try doing everyday Math without a calculator. You have to "ween yourself off" it, if you will. Trust your intellect - you CAN do Math without the calculator. I assume you're taking a Math class? Try doing simpler homework problems without your calculator nearby. Once you can handle this, try harder problems... then harder still. Don't do this for tests or anything where it might affect your grades, though. We can't have that!
      Hopefully after a couple weeks you'll be able to get through problems with little or no help. That's what the SAT is testing - your ability to solve Math on your own. Most anybody can do math with a calculator - you've got to prove you can handle it without. And you can handle it!
      Lemme know if there's something else you need. Best of luck!
      (177 votes)
  • blobby green style avatar for user etberryman
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve my speed when taking the non-calculator section? I can never get to all of the questions.
    (9 votes)
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    • aqualine seed style avatar for user dylan.fernandes00
      This is the method I have been really successful with and earned around 780-800 in total. It took a lot of practice, but it was worth it in the end.

      First, complete the first ten questions in about 7 minutes, at most. This will take some time to get used to, but these questions come easy with a lot of practice. It's not impossible, but it is challenging.

      Spend about 7 - 10 minutes on the next ten, as these are often the hardest questions and take the most time. If any question takes more than 70 seconds or so, skip it.

      Then all the remaining time minus the amount of you have on checking the questions you didn't answer, excluding maybe 45 - 60 seconds for each question you skipped.

      When you are absolutely sure every other question is right, start answering the ones you skipped. If you can't solve it, guess.

      This takes practice and hard work to fit within the timings. I've jumped from a 680 to a 780 with this method, so it's a valid method.
      (174 votes)
  • leaf green style avatar for user Paula Fayez
    If I'm trying to review all the basics of the math section and get ahead of it. What are the main topics that I should review. In fact, if i want to score 700+, what are the topics that I must learn by hard? Thanks in advance.
    (17 votes)
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  • duskpin sapling style avatar for user ♡
    can you guys give me tips on how to solve linear word problems? i get easily confused and do not understand where to start tackling the problem.
    (7 votes)
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    • blobby green style avatar for user rds
      One of the most common tricks I've seen on the SAT linear word problems is that they switch the variables around. So if it costs $3 to buy a t-shirt, t_, and $15 to buy a backpack, _b: the variables should be 3t and 15b. The SAT almost always offers an answer choice that says 3b and 15t. Eliminate this one first!
      (48 votes)
  • blobby green style avatar for user Alexander Ehrensberger
    Hi there,
    I was wondering if it makes sense to read the question first, and then the information given.
    Especially on the math questions were there is a lot of information before the actual question...
    Is someone familiar with this technique and is it recommendable?
    Thanks a lot in advance!!
    Alex from Germany
    (9 votes)
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    • blobby green style avatar for user kohinoorparvin16
      I know this answer might be really late, but I definitely recommend doing this! For word problems especially, I first read the actual question part of the question, because then you can get a gauge of what information you need for the question. Then, I look back and skim through the previous information, and will know what information to pay attention to.
      (32 votes)
  • marcimus pink style avatar for user milletcespedes
    what is the highest score I could get on SATs math section?
    (3 votes)
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  • male robot hal style avatar for user Fred Sigman V
    IMPORTANT TIP: If you are struggling with the math portion of the SAT, then go watch a YouTuber called Scalar Learning. This man is a blessing to all students taking the SAT. He has amazing content that uses Khan Academy to break down the SAT calc and no calc section. CHECK HIM OUT. Again, his YouTube is called Scalar Learning.
    (16 votes)
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  • leafers seedling style avatar for user chelsearuizdhs6716
    What are some ways that will help me save time on answering a question?
    (2 votes)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user Devanand Chaudhary
    The major problem I noticed in my last SAT was inability to manage time. I could finish neither English nor Math section in the way I expected. How can I finish all questions within time limit in next SAT?
    (4 votes)
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    • leaf green style avatar for user Leaderboard
      Try to work faster.
      In Maths , apply all sorts of shortcuts to get the answer , even by plugging in if you have to! Do not be 'formal' in steps , they do not care how you get it , if you get the answer correct , you get the marks. Additionally do not let the harder ones gulp down you time ; if you can't get it in 30 seconds , leave it and come back after finishing the other questions.

      In English , things are a little trickier , and depends on the how you read. I'd recommend that you check out PrepScholar's guide on this.
      (17 votes)
  • starky seedling style avatar for user emili
    I do british schooling and everytime I do an test on Khan I don't do good, I use the same techniques I did when I was doing my gcse's. How can I know what answer is correct? Is there specific wording use that I should be aware of? And lastly, I just need any tip that will make choosing an answer much easier and efficient.
    (3 votes)
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    • spunky sam blue style avatar for user fiaz.islam
      I studied under British curriculum as well, and you are right few terms used in the SAT are quite different from the ones we came across. one tip would be to practise as many questions as you can and note down the 'terms' that u can't relate with the ones u know currently. Dont panic , the fancy terms usually have very simple meanings.
      And for choosing the best answer in Maths section its best to solve the problem yourself and then match ur answer with the options.
      Hope this helps you.
      (15 votes)