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Getting started on Khan Academy

Understanding teacher dashboard and tools

In this article, we will give you a quick overview of the teacher dashboard and teacher tools.

Teacher Dashboard

  • Log in to your teacher account and click on your name to go to the teacher dashboard. In your smartphone click on the menu on the right and click on your name to access the teacher dashboard.
  • On the dashboard you will see all your classes with students, and all the courses available on Khan Academy. Clicking on courses will take you to a wide variety of content across all subjects.
  • When you click on your name on the top right corner, you will find settings in the drop-down menu. From here you can manage your account details.
  • Lastly in the help section below settings you will find links to various resources, and FAQs to help you overcome any challenge you face.

Teacher Tools

  • Teachers get a variety of tools on our platform. Under the teacher tools section, you will find headings like Activity Overview, Course Mastery, Assignments, and LearnStorm. From this section you can give assignments to students, check their scores and manage the assignments given.
  • You can access scores through the score tab and manage assignments by clicking the manage tab. The manage tab helps you to check how many students have finished the assignment. You can also edit the due date and delete/change assignments.
  • The Activity Overview tab helps you to see the total learning minutes spent on the platform. The skills tab tells you how your students are performing on different skills and what level of mastery they have achieved.
  • You can see the LearnStorm tracker under your teacher tools, which provides a quick overview of your student’s progress.
  • Lastly we have the Course mastery tab. Under this, you can create course mastery goals for your class.

Creating your class and adding students

Creating Classes

  • On the teacher dashboard, you can see ‘Add New Class’ in blue. Click on it and follow the steps prompted. You will need to enter your class- name based on the format shared.
  • Next select the class content you want to add. You should also add a lower grade in Math and slightly higher grade content for advanced students. For your 7th-grade class, you can add 6th grade Math and 8th-grade Math.
  • If you are using google classroom you click on import your class from google classroom to your account.

Adding students to your class

Now that your class is ready. It's time to add your students to this class. Students can be added in three ways.
  • You can import the whole class from google classroom
  • If the students already have accounts you can just share the unique class code with them. The class code can be found when you click on the students tab under the tools within each class.
  • If your students are new then you need to create separate accounts for each student. The platform makes usernames and passwords. You should edit and create your own password.
  • Once you have created accounts, you have the option of downloading and saving the usernames and passwords. You just need to click on the CSV option and download the file. Remember to keep the file safely.
  • You can add students whenever you want. Select the class, click on the ‘students’ option, and go to ‘add new students’. It's that easy!
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