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How can parents give permission for their child to have a Khan Academy account?

Students age 13 and up can create their own Khan Academy accounts. If a student is under 13, however, we take extra precautions by preventing them from creating accounts on their own.  We want to support you, as parents, in being involved in and aware of your child’s online experience. If your child tries to create a Khan Academy account, you, as a parent, will receive an email asking you to give permission and create an account for your child.
The process is easy. Parents can create accounts for their children under 13 by following these 2 quick steps:
  1. Creating a parent account for yourself using a Facebook, Google, or other email account. You’ll use your account to see your child’s progress and manage their Khan Academy account.
  2. Creating an account for your child. You won’t need to provide an email address for your child or even their real name. No personal information about your child is needed. Just make sure to pick a unique username and password that you and your child can both remember!

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