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Word problems with mass


Emily needs 4 eggs for baking her cake. All of the eggs have the same mass.
Emily knows the mass of 1 egg (shown below).
A hanging scale weighing an egg with a starting major tick mark of 0 grams and the additional 3 major tick marks labeled 25, 50, and 75. There are 4 minor unlabeled tick marks between every 2 major tick marks. The mass of the egg on the scale is at the first minor unlabeled tick mark after the major tick mark labeled 25.
What is the total mass of 4 eggs?
  • Your answer should be
  • an integer, like 6
  • an exact decimal, like 0.75
  • a simplified proper fraction, like 3/5
  • a simplified improper fraction, like 7/4
  • a mixed number, like 1 3/4