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The volume of a sample of He(g) is increased from 1.0 L to 2.0 L at constant temperature, as shown in the diagram below.
Two cylinders are separated by an arrow to show the change in the volume of a sample of helium gas. The first cylinder contains 10 particles represented by shaded circles which have medium distances between each other and each has a conic-shaped shadow that represents their motion. The cylinder has a piston compressed down to less than half of the cylinder. This cylinder is labeled 1.0 L H e. The second cylinder has 10 similar particles, but with larger distances. The piston is compressed one fourth of the way down the cylinder. This cylinder is labeled 2.0 L H e.
How does the entropy of the He(g) sample at 2.0 L compare to its value at 1.0 L?
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