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Intro to creating worlds

Introduction to our lesson on creating worlds. Copyright The Walt Disney Company.

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Video transcript

[Music] Hey Dawson! Want coffee? Okay! Building Worlds I love Tomorrowland. The theme of the place is so cool, you know, I grew up wanting to be an astronaut and explore the stars and really have that aspirational future. And so to have a whole place where everything from the pizza to the roller coasters just feels like that, it's just a place I want to be thematically. I really love going to Pandora: the World of Avatar. The theme. The deeper meaning of the place is the intrinsic value of nature, but it's an exotic nature. You're completely taken out of the world and going to a place that is unique and incredible. A good theme gives you a really strong sense of place What's your first impression when you enter a land and how does it make you feel? Yeah, Cars Land is actually a great example of building a world. It's got story, theme and it engages all of your senses. I'm gonna go eat at Flo's V8 Café. I'm gonna go meet Lightning McQueen as he rolls down the street. Maybe even go race at Radiator Springs. In this lesson, you'll learn all about how building a believable world involves theme, story, layout, materials, and about a hundred million other things. And you'll even get to create your own land. What about fashion land? How about desert land? Okay! [laughing]