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3. Subdividing your own designs

Now you are ready to start subdividing your own shapes with more than 4 points!

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Video transcript

- So far, we've been doing subdivisions with just four points, which make a blob. But, if you're gunna make something as cool as a Pixar character, you're gunna need a lot more points. For example, suppose that I wanna model the outline of a hand or, maybe, the profile of a character. Fortunately, subdivision doesn't care how many points you start out with. In this interactive, you can move points, as before, but you can also add as many new points as you'd like. Just click on an interior of an edge to create a new point. And, then, use the mouse to drag the new point wherever you want it. I can make a crude looking hand shaped like this. Use this slider to control how many subdivisions are used to give a smoother result. Using this interactive, make a hand or whatever you'd like. Maybe, a dinosaur, or the outline of Mike Wazowski, or whatever interests you. Be creative!